Landform Print: The Lake District (White/Black)



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The design uses 12 open source OS data sets of the Lake District and Cumbria and manipulates these to form a single landscape, detailing the 15 largest lakes and the 10 highest peaks. Topographical data has been reduced of all visual clutter and distraction (grid lines, boundaries, settlements) leaving only the natural contour lines.

A circular crop has been used to abstract the appearance, intentionally making it difficult to interpret scale. The viewer is encouraged to appreciate the shapes and patterns themselves, free from prescribed contect. People see different things; a microscopic organism, section of a brain or organ or even the moon! It is only upon closer inspection that the context becomes apparent – when mountains and lakes come into focus and you realise the true scale of what you are looking at and hopefully a deeper appreciation of natural forms.

Often selling quickly, these prints are hand-made in very small runs of around 25 prints, often with one run per year.

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Dimensions 100 × 70 cm