Architecture is arguably mankind’s least sustainable activity. Using enormous quantities of materials and vast area of land and destroying natural habitat. The operations and maintenance of infrastructures and buildings are one of the biggest consumptions of energy, emissions and waste productions on the planet. Architects must concern themselves with both the design and the impacts of their designs on our environment both now and in the future.

The dismal news of America leaving the Paris Agreement yesterday left us feeling pretty devastated. As a couple, we feel completely dismayed that the global clean-up effort required to get our planet healthy again has taken a huge knock by the decisions of a select few. We must now try even harder to lower our carbon footprints, as a family and as a community. There are so many horrific things happening around the world at this time, it’s so easy to forget that the single biggest thing affecting every living thing on the planet is climate change.

As a newly formed Architecture firm, we are incredibly conscious of how we should best advise our clients on progressing with their building projects. In the wake of the careless decisions made by the USA this week, we pledge to better equip ourselves to advise you on how you can do your bit to help the environment (and ultimately save you money in the long run!) This 2-minute questionnaire will get you started on how to make small changes at home now, if you are planning building improvements or not. Climate change starts in our homes and businesses and is all of our responsibilities, even if Donald Trump doesn’t think so.

April 15, 2017
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